Roof Inspections, Roof Repairs, Roof Replacements, Gutter Replacements & Cleaning, Patio & Porch additions, and Remodeling.

Roof Repair Services

Need a Roof Repair? Most Roofing Companies will send one of their Sales Representatives out that will mark up the price of the repair in order to make a commission. 👎

We can honestly tell you that we have created our Service Department specifically to bring you a higher quality value at a more affordable price. The services for our Repair Technicians begin as low as $69.95. 👍👍

Some of the services performed through our Service Department are including, but not limited to:

  • 17 Point Roof Inspections
  • Attic & Ventilation Analysis
  • Sealing exposed nails
  • Sealing Chimneys
  • Finding & Fixing Leaks
  • Replacing Damaged Shingles
  • Replacing Damaged Vents
  • Remove debris from roof
  • Clean Skylights & Gutters

To find out how we can bring you even more value and save you more money check out our Overhead Care Club.

Roof Repair - Vent Replacement
Roof Repair In Houston, TX

Roof Replacement Services

Unfortunately it’s only a matter time before your roof needs replacing. Many things play into how long your roof lasts, but the three biggest things are:

  1. Workmanship & Material Quality
  2. Routine Maintenance
  3. Storm Related Damage

Workmanship & Material Quality

We are committed to recruiting and training team members that can provide quality workmanship. This is why every roof we install gets a minimum 5 year workmanship warranty. In regards to material, Allied Precision Roofing & Contractors is credentialed as a Shingle Master Company through CertainTeed. Why do we recommend CertainTeed?

  • It’s a heavier product compared to the competition and the only one that will publish its weight.
  • They Provide the most in depth warranties and the only one we find to have an Anti-Algae Warranty that provides any true value to the homeowner.If you want to learn more about CertainTeed check out the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System that we apply to every roof.

Routine Maintenance 

Some common sources of roof damage are from lack of routine maintenance. This could include cleaning out your gutters, removing debris such as tree limbs and pine needles, checking pipe jacks and vents for damage, and not making small repairs early. Members of our Overhead Care Club receive many of these services discounted and/or free.

Storm Related Damage

Unfortunately we haven’t figured out how to control mother nature yet. However, there are a couple of things we can do.

  • Contact us for Inspections after large storms or when you expect there is damage. (minimum every 2 years)
  • If Repairable fix immediately before your problem gets bigger.
  • Upgrade your roof system when it’s time to replace.

We have members of the team that specialize in storm restoration that will come inspect your roof after a big storm. This inspection is to determine if you have storm damage that is a significant threat to the life of your roof and warranting an insurance claim. These team members can walk you through every process of the claim process or refer you over to the service department if its determined quick repair is the best way to preserve your roof.

If you do end up needing a replacement there are options that are better suited to survive storm damage. Ask the team member assisting you about upgrading to have a 130mph wind warranty for 15 years. It’s a valuable investment and can easily be rolled into one of our financing programs.

Gutter Services

Allied Precision Roofing & Contractors performs gutter replacements, repairs, and cleanings.

Causes for Gutter Replacement / Repair?

  • Gutters clog from not being clean and when they fill up with water the constant weight causes hanging and damage.
  • Hail storms are notorious for dinging up your gutters (especially your downspouts) and insurance companies will pay for replacement.

It’s important to know that not cleaning your gutters can also cause overflowing water to run through your siding and rot your facia / siding. This also may appear like a roof leak in your home and cause significant damage. Gutter cleaning is one of the services included in our Overhead Care Club.

Porch / Patio Services

Do you have that patio / porch addition you always wanted to make, but hadn’t gotten around to? We find that to be true for many homeowners, and we find that by doing it while replacing the roof is the only way to have it perfectly match your roof. It also allows for us to extend the roof on a two story eave to serve as a Patio Cover (Another Popular Request).

Let us know if you have this addition planned and on the back burner. Someone from our team will be happy to hear your plans and can help pre-qualify you for one of our financing options

Remodeling Services

Interior Remodel

There is no shortage of remodel work in the Houston area, but finding quality contractors can be a challenge. Allied Precision Roofing & Contractors is happy to inform you that we do have remodeling services including, but not limited to:

  • Painting
  • Dry Wall / Sheetrock
  • Framing
  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Full Kitchen Remodels
  • Full Bathroom Remodels

Need design help? Allied Precision Roofing & Contractors works directly with an in house designer for remodels. If your looking to do a full remodel, but need help ask about including this service into your package.

Exterior Remodels

We consider our Remodel Services to be a full service, so if you find yourself in need of Fascia, Soffit, or Siding we have you covered on Exterior Remodels as well.

Feel free to contact us for any of these needs. We have financing options that range all the way up to $100,000.

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